Empowering Your Dental Assisting Career: Unity’s 40-Hour Externship and Exclusive Job Board

Are you eager to build a successful dental assisting career but concerned about managing work and education? At Unity Dental Assisting, we understand your challenges and have designed a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates a 40-hour externship with our exclusive job board. This combination offers you hands-on experience and direct pathways to potential employment, all while respecting your work commitments.

Crafting Your Path to Success

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the classroom, recognizing the importance of practical experience in the dental field. Our dental assisting program features a 40-hour externship that enhances your learning by immersing you in real dental practices. This hands-on experience not only complements your education but also prepares you for the challenges of the dental world.

A Flexible Approach to Learning

Unity Dental Assisting values your time and your work commitments. The 40-hour externship is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your schedule, ensuring you can continue working while gaining the practical skills essential to your career. It’s a chance to combine education and work seamlessly, without sacrificing either.

Creating Pathways to Employment

Dental assisting job board and 40-hour externship. Unity dental assisting

`But we don’t stop there. Unity Dental Assisting’s unique offering doesn’t end with the externship. Our job placement assistance program includes an exclusive job board, connecting you with dental practices closely affiliated with us. The 40-hour externship serves as your introduction to potential employers, setting the stage for future employment opportunities.

Transforming Experience into Opportunities

Your externship isn’t just a requirement; it’s a stepping stone to your future. By performing exceptionally during your 40-hour externship, you establish connections, showcase your skills, and open doors to potential job offers. Many of our students have secured positions at their externship sites, illustrating the impact of this experience on career prospects.

Your Comprehensive Pathway to Success

When you choose Unity Dental Assisting, you’re choosing a comprehensive approach to launching your dental assisting career. The 40-hour externship, combined with our exclusive job board, empowers you to learn, apply, and succeed—all while honoring your work commitments. We believe that a fulfilling career is within your reach, and our tailored approach is designed to make that happen.

Embark on your journey to success with convenience and confidence. Apply to Unity Dental Assisting today and experience the transformative power of our combined 40-hour externship and job board. Your future as a skilled dental assistant starts here – let’s make it extraordinary, together.

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