Frequently Asked Questions

Unity’s hybrid Dental Assisting program is designed to be flexible and convenient, easily fitting into your busy schedule and life responsibilities. Our program is broken into two parts:

Online Classes: First, you’ll complete the online classes whenever and wherever you want! You’re in the driver’s seat as you complete each module at your own pace. All online coursework must be completed first before being eligible for Hands-On Training.

  1. Hands-On Training: Next, you will be trained through hands-on clinics in a real dental practice with real dental materials and technologies taught by real Dental Assistants! This reinforces your understanding of everything that was learned during the online classes. Hands-on training is taught by our highly qualified and seasoned instructors who’ve enjoyed successful careers as Dental Assistants.
Our custom curriculum and online student portal gives you access to a total of 12 modules, each divided into sections containing lecture slides, quizzes, and tests. The modules include clinical instruction video guides and voiceover content, giving each student an individualized and personalized educational experience as if one of our Dental Assisting Instructors were right there with you! Students can also choose to go back and retake quizzes and tests to reinforce concepts, improve their grades, and study for the final exam.
Unity’s hands-on training has been structured around best practices of modern Dental Assisting techniques and strategies. We ensure the training you receive is up-to-date and gives you the understanding you need to be an immediately valued member of a dental team.
Unity’s custom curriculum has been carefully crafted and refined by the owner, Dr. Whitney Sebree, to ensure you receive the most relevant, useful, and up-to-date training. Dr. Sebree is also a practicing Dentist so you’ll be trained as a Dental Assistant from the perspective of a Dentist (i.e. your future boss) and what they expect of you. Our goal is to give you a competitive edge over other Dental Assistants applying for the same job. Through the use of modern dental technologies and best-in-class training techniques, Unity’s curriculum is built around the needs of today’s successful Dental Assistants.
Our program is designed to be completed in two parts (online learning and hands-on training) to ensure students graduate with the skill set they need to be a successful Dental Assistant. We feel strongly that online classes alone will NOT give you the full education necessary for the hands-on technical career that Dental Assisting requires.
Our program is designed to fit into 10 weeks, which includes about 25 hours of online learning followed by seven Saturdays of hands-on clinical training. Depending on how quickly you complete the online coursework, you may be able to finish our program in a shorter amount of time.
Unity has designed a schedule around our students’ needs so they don’t have to wait months to start the next class. Our new classes start every seven weeks with open enrollment for each session available for you to join at any point during the year.
We intentionally keep our classes small by capping them off at 12 students per class, while maintaining a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1. This helps ensure no students are left out and a quality education is available to everyone in class. It’s our goal to provide the same amount of personalized hands-on training and guidance to each individual for the best possible learning experience!

Yes, our Dental Assisting program covers all the pertinent material that you’ll need to to pass the X-ray, or Radiation Health and Safety (RHS), exam and Coronal Polishing exam. We will spend time going over study material to help you build the knowledge and confidence to pass these tests. The best part? The cost of tuition covers the fees for the X-ray exam so you don’t have to worry about paying for it out of pocket!

Note: We find that most dentists do not require their Dental Assistants to be certified in coronal polishing. While it is an added bonus, you likely won’t perform coronal polishing as it is typically the responsibility of the Dental Hygienist. Unity recommends focusing on passing the X-ray exam, as this is a more valuable certification to all dentists and will help set you apart from the other Dental Assisting candidates.

While no educational institute can legally guarantee employment, what Unity can guarantee is that we’ll be with you every step of the way. With aid and guidance from Unity’s Student Advisor’s to help you land your first job as a Dental Assistant, our externship and job placement support provides the resources you need to be successful! Our broad professional network of dentists and dental practices includes affiliation agreements with some of the largest and most well-known dental support organizations in the country! What does this mean for you, the student? Upon enrollment, you will gain exclusive access to our private listing of all available externships and job opportunities, giving you a BIG advantage towards gainful employment in your new career. Our goal is to support you through every step of this journey as you transition out of the “classroom” and into a dental practice. Dental Assistants continue to remain in high demand, with job outlook expected to see huge growth through the coming years. Our goal is to ensure you’re able to get a job and start earning a paycheck ASAP!
Yes, an externship is required to complete our program, and it can actually benefit all who work hard at using it to their advantage. We recommend students consider it a “working interview” where many times a job offer will be presented at the end of an externship for a part-time or full-time position. Externships are an excellent opportunity to not only gain experience and exposure in an active dental practice, but also to show off your new skills to the dental team and prove your value as their newest team member!
Many students will line up interviews as they’re wrapping up the program, while others are more comfortable waiting until they’ve completed all program requirements before nailing down a job. The job placement support offered through our Student Advisor’s is your best tool and can open doors of opportunity that you won’t find elsewhere. We’re here to encourage, help, and support you during this exciting time as you start your new career!

Absolutely. In fact, 99% of all students who apply are approved! We have solutions to fit nearly every type of economic lifestyle. We’re sensitive to the fact that everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible and customizable tuition financing options, including no money down to start, deferred tuition payments, and low monthly fees. Now you can finally start your new career without breaking the bank! At a glance, here are a few different options:

  1. Customizable weekly or monthly payments
    Best suited for those who are looking to avoid student loan interest and fees, while paying off their education in a short amount of time! This option requires a down payment and can be structured with weekly or monthly payments. Want to pay in full? Save $250 when you pay for the entire program up front!

  2. Deferred monthly payments (our most popular option!)
    Our “Learn Now, Pay Later” option, this is best suited for those who are needing to start a new career while deferring all tuition payments. Low credit? No credit? No problem! 99% of students are approved and no money is required to join the program.

  3. State funded grants through Workforce
    Best suited for those who are underemployed or unemployed. The grant is funded through AZ@Work, where you will collaborate with a career counselor to determine your eligibility for the program. Although it’s a lengthier process to be approved for funding, up to 100% of your tuition costs are covered. Our Student Advisors will support you through the application process and help you enroll in our program.
Everything you need to successfully complete our Dental Assisting program is included in the cost of tuition. After enrollment, students will create their personal account through Unity’s online student portal, plus all materials, supplies, and equipment. Also included in tuition are the costs to cover X-ray and CPR certification, so you don’t have to pay for that out of pocket!

The admissions process into Unity’s Dental Assistant training program is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and can be completed right here on our website in a matter of minutes! Your new career is just clicks away. Here are the steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Click HERE to submit your enrollment application.
  • Step 2: Follow the prompts and pick from a variety of payment options based on your economic situation. We have financial assistance to fit every type of student, ensuring your education is affordable and cost effective!
  • Step 3: Create your account and login to get started with your online learning!
Graduating students will receive a certificate of completion, indicating all requirements and expectations of Unity’s Dental Assistant training program have been met and fulfilled. This is an important certificate and one that you can share with your employer to prove you’ve completed the Unity Dental Assisting program.

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