Why Unity


Get Real Life Training

We train you in a real dental practice with real dental technologies taught by real Dental Assistants.

Our modern hybrid program includes online learning with hands-on clinical training.

Online Learning

Customized Online Learning Platform

  • Hours of Dental Assisting content, including videos and voiceover audio
  • Convenient & flexible self-paced classes
  • Real-time grading
  • Multiple quiz and test attempts
  • Custom curriculum created by Dr. Whitney Sebree, DMD
  • Private access to Unity’s latest job opportunities

Convenient and affordable

Jump Into Your New Career

  • Financial assistance (99% of students get approved)
  • New classes every 7 weeks
  • Two convenient locations
  • Small class sizes (Student to Instructor ratio 6:1)
  • Job placement assistance
  • X-Ray prep course included
  • Coronal Polishing prep course included
  • CPR certification included
  • Enroll 100% online in less than 5 minutes!

A Career in Dental Assisting:
Three-day weekends every week? Yes, please!


Avg. Annual Salary

4 Days

Avg. Work Days per Week


Expected Growth Rate through 2030


Estimated # of job openings each year through 2030

Change Your Life

Make a positive life change

What do you feel is your biggest barrier to making a positive life change? What’s holding you back from choosing to better yourself and open up new doors of opportunity?

Is it fear? Anxiety? Stress of the unknown? Your friends or family? Lack of confidence in yourself, or inability to stay committed to a big decision?

You’re not alone! At some point, we all experience these same feelings before jumping into impactful life changes. But guess what? You cannot progress in life without taking a leap of faith towards your goals!

You must believe in yourself! It’s up to you to either invest in your wellbeing, or stay within your limited comfort zone.

So what are you going to do? What are your goals and ambitions? What are you searching for? Is it happiness? Security? A better life? New career opportunities with a bright future?

It’s up to you to decide! You’re in the driver’s seat.

Why not try a different approach for once and choose to invest in improving your life by starting a new career?

We can help you get started today! We promise your future self will thank you.

Learn More About Our Program

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  • Current Tuition & Costs
  • Financial Assistance
  • Low Tuition (so everyone can afford it)

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Hasina Ahmadzai
Hasina Ahmadzai
Paula is the sweetest she helped me a lot through the whole process of getting in to the program and was so patient with me. Alicia is the best instructor she thought us a lot in such a short time. Overall my experience with Unity was amazing. 😍 Will definitely recommend to my friends
Abram Sanchez
Abram Sanchez
It was awesome I learned a lot from the people around me an the instructors I thank God for loving an helpful people
Argelia Mendoza
Argelia Mendoza
Amazing environment! Really nice people! Care about your learning!
Tasneem Ali
Tasneem Ali
I love the experience here, I had so much fun learning about dental and laboratory equipment Everyone is so lovely and helpful I am so thankful for this experience and the knowledge I gained from Unity Dental Assisting I am so excited to start practicing all I learn soon
It was fun and educational class I've learn alot and it's more affordable and quick that some other Dental Assisting Schools especially Colleges.
Elizabeth Maierean
Elizabeth Maierean
Did my dental assisting school here and loved it! So quick and I learned so much, the teachers are so understanding and so patient with all of us. Wish the program was a little longer because I’ll definitely miss it!
Janelle Margau
Janelle Margau
I had the best experience, clean office and the best teachers , if you are looking for a school and dental office to be an assistant this is the right place for you !!