Learn now, pay later

Pay Tuition Only After You Get a Job

So, I don’t have to pay for tuition when I sign up?

The short answer – No!

Consider it a “learn now, pay later” type of arrangement. Unity has proudly partnered with Leif to offer a Contingent Payment Plan, or CPP, which simply means that you will not pay any upfront tuition for your education.

Yes, you read that correctly! You are not required to put any money down or pay any fees prior to enrolling. 100% of payments are delayed until you find career success.

We believe in our program so much that we will cover your entire tuition until you land a job!

Through Unity’s Dental Assistant training program, not only will you receive an excellent education, but we’re also fully invested in your career success through job placement support.

Student loans have now become one of the most burdensome debts in America.

At Unity, our goal is to give you access to quality education so that you get the career you want quickly without the financial strain.

Our Agreement


Student Approval Rate

24 Months

Payment Term


Maximum Payment Ammount


Minimum Monthly Income
Apply for free right now with no impact to your credit score! Just click the button to find out if you’re preapproved:

Get trained, get a job, and then pay

A Contingent Payment Plan allows you to attend our program, get trained, and get a job before you pay anything. It’s essentially putting all the risk on us.

We believe so strongly in the job demands of Dental Assisting and in the success of our program that we are willing to cover the costs of your education until you land on your feet! If you have to stop working, your loan pauses.

There’s no interest. No payments. No penalties.

How’s that for confidence?

How Does It Work?

  • Graduate from Unity’s Dental Assistant training program.
  • Land an awesome Dental Assisting job.
  • Start getting paid!

… you will not pay a dime for tuition until the following conditions are met:

You get a Job
You earn a minimum of $25,000 a year

When does the Agreement End?

Your student loan is completed or forgiven when one of these things happen:

  • You’ve made 24 monthly payments of $208/month.
  • You’ve reached the payment cap of $4,999 for Unity’s Dental Assistant training program.
  • It’s been 4 years since you graduated, even if you’ve paid nothing.

See the example of Alexa

  • Alexa enrolls in Unity’s Dental Assistant training program and pays $0 for tuition to start classes.
  • She, along with her classmates, graduates from Unity in just 10 weeks and lands a job right away earning $40,000 per year.
  • After an exciting and rewarding first day as a Dental Assistant, Alexa logs into her online Leif account and enters her income information.
  • Now that she’s earning above the Minimum Income Threshold of $25,000, she will start paying back $208/month until the program is paid in full.
  • Alexa will probably pay off her balance sooner rather than later, but knows she has the flexibility and convenience to finish paying in three or four years.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you complete our enrollment form, we will guide you to a secure application page through Leif that’s tied to Unity’s Dental Assistant training program. The entire application is online and typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Applying is free and will not affect your credit score!
CPPs are designed to increase access to quality education, and 99% of applicants are approved! We will speak with you 1:1 to determine whether CPPs are a fit for you given typical approval parameters. A co-signer is not needed.
Once you complete Unity’s Dental Assisting program, a Leif Program Manager will work with you to verify your income. Once you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make monthly payments of $208 of your pre-tax monthly income through Leif’s online portal.
Because CPPs are not traditional debt, there is no set interest rate or accrued interest.
If you lose your job or earn below the Minimum Income Threshold, you will be placed into the Deferment Period and no payments will be due again until you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold again.
Payments will stop once you’ve hit your Payment Cap of $4,999, or you have reached 24 Qualified Payment Months. You will never pay more than the Payment Cap and if you don’t earn $25,000 or above, your CPP will be forgiven after 4 years even though you paid nothing at all.

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